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Productivity3000� Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
Productivity 3000™ Series Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)
... more cost effective than any control solution in the market!

The Productivity3000 programmable automation controller (PAC) is a compact logic controller that combines the features and capabilities of a PC-based control system with that of a typical programmable logic controller (PLC). The Productivity3000 PAC offers you a more powerful control solution that is easier to use and more cost effective than any control solution in the market.
  • PAC CPU Processing Power
    Built-in LCD on the powerful P3-550 CPU and P3-RS Remote Slave for quick and simple configuration and diagnostics

  • Industry Leading 7 Communication Ports
    Including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports standard on the P3-550 CPU (no remote I/O capability on the P3-530 CPU)

  • USB Programming and USB Data Logging
    Right on the P3-550 CPU - No configurations needed to get connected; log data and transfer projects to and from the CPU with a USB removable drive. (NOTE: There is no USB programming on the P3-530 Basic CPU)

  • Full TWO-Year Warranty
    And full-featured FREE PAC programming software
* New! ... EtherNet/IP Scanner/Adapter Protocol Support a

CPU, Remote & Expansion Modules

  • P3-550 Standard CPU Module
    The P3-550 is a full-featured, high-performance CPU. Features include a 4 line x 10 character LCD display and seven communication ports which support USB, Ethernet and Serial devices.
  • P3-550E CPU Module ... New!
    The P3-550E is a high-performance CPU with the same features as
    the P3-550 CPU but without the USB B programming port and with a significant cost savings (programming via Ethernet).

  • P3-530 Basic CPU Module
    The P3-530 is a lower cost full-featured, high-performance CPU (without the LCD display) and with five communication ports which support USB, Ethernet and Serial devices.

  • P3-EX Expansion Module
    The P3-EX high-performance expansion module provides local I/O expansion to a CPU or Remote I/O. Includes 6-foot USB expansion cable.

  • P3-RS Remote Slave Module
    The P3-RS is a full-featured, high-performance Remote Slave module. Features include a 4 line x 10 character LCD display and five communications ports which support USB programming/monitoring, USB local expansion, Ethernet, and Serial devices. Up to 16 P3-RS Remote Slaves can be connected to a single P3-550 CPU remote I/O network.

  • P3-RX Remote Slave Module
    The P3-RX is a lower cost full-featured, high-performance Remote Slave module (without the LCD display) and with four communications ports which support USB local expansion, Ethernet, and Serial devices. Up to 16 P3-RX Remote Slaves can be connected to a single P3-550 CPU remote I/O network.

p Be more Productive with the Productivity3000 PAC

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cameraProductivity3000 Online Tutorials

PAC Programming Software Highlights
  • Auto set-up and discovery of hardware
  • Tag name database programming
  • Task management
  • Advanced �fill-in-the-blank� instructions
  • Seamless Database connectivity
  • Graphical HTML-based Help File
  • Run-time editing
  • Project file and user documentation stored in CPU
  • USB data logging on the CPU
  • Tag database import to C-more HMI
  • All in an intuitive Windows-based programming environment
System Configuration
  • High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time
  • Modular rack-based footprint with 36 discrete and analog I/O option modules, up to 115K+ I/O
  • Unmatched built-in communications capabilities, including local and remote I/O ports and networking
  • Integrated drive communications over Ethernet
  • LCD display on CPU and Remote Slave for configuration and diagnostics
  • Patent-pending LCD display on ALL analog modules - multimeter not required for troubleshooting or reading process values
  • Hot-swappable I/O
  • No module placement restrictions - any module in any slot, any base
  • No power budget limitations
  • Optional I/O terminal blocks or easy ZIPLink plug-and-play wiring



Productivity3000 PAC Modules, Bases and Power Supplies

Productivity3000 PAC CPU Unit P3000 PAC CPU Units (3)
  • P3-550 - full-featured, high performance CPU
  • P3-RS - remote slave module
  • P3-EX - expansion module
Productivity3000 PAC Base P3000 PAC Bases and Expansions (4)
  • P3-03B, P3-05B, P3-08B, and P3-011B are 3, 5, 8, and 11-slot, local, expansion, and remote I/O bases
Productivity3000 PAC Power Supplies Base Power Supplies (2)
  • P3-01AC AC power supply - 100-120 VAC
  • P3-01DC DC power supply - 24-48 VDC
Productivity3000 PAC DC I/O DC I/O (12)
  • 8-pt Isolated Sinking/Sourcing DC Inputs
  • 16, 32, 64-pt Sinking/Sourcing DC Inputs
  • 8-pt Isolated Sinking DC Outputs
  • 8-pt Isolated Sourcing DC Outputs
  • 16, 32, 64-pt Sinking DC Outputs
  • 16, 32, 64-pt Sourcing DC Outputs
Productivity3000 PAC AC I/O AC I/O & Relay Outputs (7)
  • 8, 16-pt 100-240 VAC inputs
  • 8, 16-pt 100-240 VAC outputs
  • 8-pt, 2A relay outputs
  • 8-pt, 5A relay outputs
  • 16-pt 1.25A relay outputs
Productivity3000 PAC Analog I/O Analog I/O (15)
  • 4, 8, 16 channel inputs
  • +/-10 VDC, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 0-20 mA, RTD and thermocouple inputs
  • 4, 6, 8, 16 channel outputs
  • +/-10 VDC, 4-20 mA outputs
Productivity3000 PAC Input Simulator Specialty Modules
  • P3-16SIM - Input Simulator with 16 toggle switches
  • P3-FILL - filler module protects unused I/O module slots
Productivity3000 PAC Programming Software PAC Programming Software & Cables
  • P3-PGMSW ProductivitySuite PAC programming software
hsi P3-HSI High-Speed Input Module ... New!
The P3-HSI is a high-speed (1MHz) input module that has both differential and single ended inputs.
  • This module accepts Pulse/Direction and Quadrature signals on each of the two independent input channels.

  • It also provides four general purpose high-speed inputs and four general purpose 5-24 VDC 0.5 amp, outputs.

v High Speed Modules

hso P3-HSO High-Speed Output Module ... New!
The P3-HSO is a high-speed (1MHz) output module that supports Pulse/Direction, Up/Down and Quadrature pulse output on each of the two independent output channels.
  • The high-speed output module has both line driver and open drain outputs.

  • Additionally, it has six general purpose high-speed inputs and four general purpose outputs.

  • Simple move, velocity move, and additional high level instructions make it easy to implement the application’s motion profile.
Productivity3000 PAC spare parts Spare Parts & Specialty Items
  • P3-RS485CON spare connector
  • P3-FUSE-1 spare 3.15A module fuses
  • P3-FUSE-2 spare 8.3A module fuses
Productivity3000 PAC manual P3000 PAC Documentation
  • P3-USER-M Productivity3000 hardware users manual

* New! ... EtherNet/IP™ Scanner/Adapter as a Standard Protocol
The Productivity3000 controller now supports the ODVA's EtherNet/IP as a standard protocol.

  • Through its embedded Ethernet port, the P3-550 CPU can support EtherNet/IP configurable as a Scanner or Adapter (or both simultaneously).

  • The P3-550 CPU can communicate to devices using either Explicit messaging or Implicit "I/O" messaging methods.

  • These two common implementations offer access to the majority of the EtherNet/IP devices available in the industry, including third-party controllers, drives and other I/O hardware.

  • In Scanner mode, the P3-550 CPU supports up to 128 total connections with a maximum of 32 devices.

  • Enabling the CPU to support and exchange EtherNet/IP messages simply requires completing fill-in-the-blank style configuration and Message instruction windows in the programming software.

  • To assist with implementation, diagnostic tags are available to help determine which layer of the protocol may be preventing successful communications.
  • Productivity Series - EtherNet/IP - Videos a



Productivity3000 PAC Overview p