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CWB Contactors - from 9 up to 38A

The CWB series contactors are developed according to IEC 60947 and UL 508 international standards, the new WEG CWB line of contactors meets the requirements of a wide range of industrial applications worldwide.
  • IEC current ratings from 9 Amp to 38 Amp

  • The CWB's compact dimensions allows it to take up less space inside electrical enclosures while still offering up to a powerful 18Kw @ 415V.

  • Dimensions of the 9A to 38A contactors are the same for both AC or DC coil voltages, making panel design and assembly easier.

  • DC models feature low consumption coils, allowing the CWC to be operated directly from a PLC without interface relays.

  • WEG RW27b overload relays are available in compact frame sizes from 0.28 A to 40A and are designed for use with, and as perfect complement to, the CWB contactors.

  • CWC series contactors start at $35.00 (CWB9-11-30D25)
cwbWEG CWB Series Contactors and RWB Overloads

Compact Solution

Because they are compact, 45 mm wide and available in up to 38 A (18.5 kW @ 400 V), CWB contactors lead to an overall reduction in size of electric panels if compared to traditional solutions of contactors with the same ratings.

Built-in Auxiliary Contacts 1NO + 1NC

The configuration of two built-in auxiliary contacts (1NO + 1NC) makes the application of CWB contactors more flexible in most automation systems, contributing to the optimization of internal space of electrical panels.

“Zero-Width” Mechanical Interlock

Mechanical interlock with no additional side space.

Simple and Compact Mounting of Surge Suppressor Blocks

Plug in concept:
Quick and easy toll-free mounting. A perfect fit without increasing the size.

Additional Contact Blocks

Side or front mounted auxiliary contact blocks with 4 additional auxiliary contacts.

DC Coils with no Inrush Pick-Up Current

Low consumption D.C. coils allow direct control through PLCs without the need for coupler relays.

Available Models

CWB 25

CWB 12

CWB 32

CWB 18

CWB 38

Overload Relays
  • Bimetallic overload relay with tripping class 10
  • Phase failure sensitivity protection
  • Temperature compensation
  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Direct mounting on CWB contactors
  • Hand/Auto/Reset button
  • Auxiliary contacts 1NO + 1NC

RW 27

Direct mounting

Screw terminals


WEG CWB Series Accessories/Assembly Diagram


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WEG CWB Contactors and overload Overview
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