ZIPLink Pre-Wired Connection Cables, Modules and PLC Cablesshop

Cut your PAC and PLC wiring time from hours down to minutes with ZIPLink modules and PLC connector cables!

Five-second wiring system - Half the space - Fraction of the total cost
The ZIPLink cable and module system eliminates the normally tedious and time consuming process of wiring Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) I/O and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) I/O to terminal blocks.
  • Simply plug one end of a ZIPLink cable into a Productivity3000 PAC I/O module, DirectLOGIC PLC I/O module or CLICK PLC I/O module and the other end into a ZIPLink connector module. It’s that easy!

  • ZIPLinks are also used for AutomationDirect GS Series, DuraPulse and SureServo AC Drive wiring solutions

  • ZIPLinks are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Some are designed exclusively for Productivity3000 PACs, DirectLOGIC PLCs and CLICK PLCs, while others may be used to connect ZIPLink modules to 3rd party devices..

  • ZIPLinks are available for our most popular discrete and analog PAC and PLC I/O modules.

  • Complete ZIPLink Selection Overview
ZIp Links Connection Cable
What's New ...
  • 2 Relay modules:
    ZL-RRL16-24-1 sinking outputs
    ZL-RRL16-24-2 sourcing outputs
  • 11 new cables for GS series and DuraPulse drives
  • 29 new PLC cables
  • 2 new ZIPLink module cables
ZIPLinks Features
  • Prewired Cable
  • Din Rail Mounting modules
  • Color-coded pigtails with soldered tip wires
  • Labeling and marking (I/O specific adhesive label strips for quick marking and blank labels for third part product labeling)
ZIPLinks Benefits
  • Increases machine building productivity
  • Simplifies design and engineering time
  • Reduces wiring time and wiring errors
  • Faster Troubleshooting and Easier Maintenance
  • Benefits of having a quality looking panel
ZIPLink Legacy to New Generation Conversion Guide
As a replacement for the legacy ZIPLink line, the next-generation components have an average price reduction of nearly 30%. The new product line is not a pin-for-pin replacement, so if you are replacing existing parts, you will need to replace both the cable and the connector module.

The pdf document (700 KB) will help you in converting from the legacy ZIPLink cable components to the new generation of ZIPLink cables and wiring solutions. You will need to know the part number of the legacy ZIPLink module you are using now and the PLC I/O module to which you are connecting before you proceed. Please be careful to select the proper PAC or PLC cables for your specific application.