Pneumatic Control




Direct Automation is a supplier of pneumatic valves and ancillary components by leading manufacturers. By applying the latest technology, the company has been able to make available a wide variety of configurations to meet a broad range of pneumatic applications.

Cylinders ISO 6432

MAC Series

Cylinders ISO15552

LSF Series


Air Preparation Units

LAW Filter Reg Combo

LAC Filter Reg Lub Combo

Filter Reg and Lubricators


E Series

Dual Rod Guided Air Cylinders


2 Way Valves

2V Series
2W Series


Directional Valves

LDW Series M5 & 1/8

LD Series


3/2 way Directional Valves

BVS Series

Mechincal Valves
Hand Valves
Foot Valves
Push Buttons
Limit Switches




Ancillary Valves


Push fittings & Tube